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Boss Muzic [Rick Ross] Flip Da Scrypt [Lil Flip] No Days Off [Rock City] Nothing [N.E.R.D] Darkness Oh Hell [Trophy Scars] The Chase [Illy] Fly With Me (With All Remixes) [Mumzy Stranger] Icon [Rush] Waiting For Pink Friday To Come Out [Nicki Minaj] Half Baked [Wiz Khalifa] Devilz Rejectz 2 (House Of The Dead) [The Jackal] I Am Not A Human Being [Lil Wayne] Skyrock CD 2 [Fatal Bazooka] Skyrock CD 1 [Shakira] Storm [Pink Turns Blue] Total Control [Yo-Yo] Coco Loso [Fabolous] The Fool [Warpaint] Break Mirrors [Blake Mills] We Are Onto Something [Claudette King]

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